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I had rather an interesting day today at the airfield and also learnt quite a bit. The day started off very overcast with low blanket stratus clouds at around 3000 ft AGL, very light isolated drizzle and a light south westerly. The CFI was eager on… more »


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I completed another small personnel aviation milestone today. I flew a dual cross country flight in the Motor Falke which consisted of three legs, a landing at another airfield and also a short venture into controlled airspace. It took 2.5 hours to compl… more »


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We spent the morning assembling the newly arrived Blanik L13 which will be used as our trainer while the Twin Astir is being repaired. Actually a very nice look aircraft and a lot lighter than what it looks. I think it's light weight will allow it to per… more »


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Today was our first day of Saturday flying, and it was rather disappointing. There were only three people at the airfield, myself, the instructor F(4) and the winch driver. The balance of the duty crew didn't bother to show and I'm sure they'll use the f… more »

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