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Even more fun in the sky


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Now here’s what I really enjoyed about today.

I arrived at the airfield and for once there were enough people to get the operations going without my assistance. After I had given them some direction, they managed to get everything ready and had towed the Twin to the launch point.

I had borrowed another member's tow out gear and in relative peace and quiet I prepared the Single, hooked in up to my bakkie and towed it out to the launch point. All at my own pace and all (well mostly) without the hassle of making sure the duty crew got things ready instead of standing around in little groups chatting.

ThermallingThe weather looked very unpromising, but when I noticed that the motor glider was sustaining just next the airfield, it looked like things were going to get better. I timed my launch just right, found some lift and I was gone for the next hour. Of course still too chicken to drift away from the safety of the airfield.

The movie: Watch a short 2 min video.

During my flight I climbed to 4000 ft, which was probably about 500 ft short of cloud base, lost the height and started all over again. Tons of fun, spoilt only by a huge back pain, as I wasn't sitting correctly on the parachute. Cost, a bargain at 160.25ZAR.