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Today was going to be one of my better gliding days and only now, looking back in retrospect, I realise just what a great day it was and also just how much opportunity there was to be had. I’m still very inexperienced at cross country flying so I fly sup… more »


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The day started with the usual briefing and a caution prediction of good flying weather for the day. After giving the 20 an abbreviated clean down, as it was a little (very) dusty and little (very) dirty, after having slept it's first night outside, we t… more »


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Unfortunately, but due to time constraints I just can't keep this blog up to date as often I would like. Too much to do, too little time, and all that. :( Today was a day of a few firsts and even more lessons learned. Aero-towing For starters… more »


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Today was a public holiday which meant I could spend some time at home sorting out stuff that one never normally gets to as work is always in the way. It was also however quite a special day as this was the first time I have had a chance to excercise… more »

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