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Today was one of those exciting days at the airfield - but for all the wrong reasons. There was a fairly strong south-westerly blowing (30 kph) and we all headed to the threshold of runway 26 to start with winch launching. It was there that we witnes… more »


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Categories: solo, thermaling & soaring, ASW 20
Today the second batch of competition winners were taken for their flights and again, fortunately, the gliding weather was half decent and improving as the day progressed. By the time I launched in the 20, at about 2pm, the sky was about 6/8th overcast w… more »


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Categories: solo, thermaling & soaring, ASW 20
There was a great buzz today at the airfield, with tons of excitement. Why? Well today we were taking our first batch of competition winners for their flight in a glider. Our club is desperate to attract new members and in an attempt to fulfill this obje… more »


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For once the gliding weather today was on the better side of marginal; the sky was blue with a few cu's popping, but also breaking up rather quickly. The wind on the ground was a 10-20kph south-westerly. My first flight was a backseat launch in the T… more »

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