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So I arrive at 9:15 am. Not a sole in sight. Moments later another member arrives and he gives me a quick 20 minute pax flight in his Lambada motor glider. Awesome aeroplane. Climbs like a demon. At about 5500 ft, just above cloud level, he turns back an… more »


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Arrived at 9:30am and everything was very quiet. Took a nice 42 minute P2 seat flight in one of the another member's Dimona motor glider. Did alright on the takeoff, practiced some thermalling and a few steepish turns. Nice and cheap and only really need… more »


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Overcast with a cloud ceiling of about 4000 ft and almost no wind. With no change in the weather I head to the airfield at about 09:45 SAST. When I arrive a half and hour later it is dead quiet, not one member is there, other than one guy who owns shares… more »