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The weather started off looking iffy, but promising.I'm still working on my backseat rating in the Twin and decided to go up with an instructor where we had a lowish simulated cable break (no surprise really) and I landed ahead, very well.In the mean… more »


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Another day at the airfield and again the soaring weather was poor, even for winter, and disappointing. I took two short backseat launches in the Twin Astir and then took a flight in the Single. Otherwise not much to report. Cost = 146.20ZAR. more »


Today was one of those days when one actually wonders why one bothers with gliding. All that work and labour for a few minutes of airtime. Sometimes it gets me a little down, especially when you get members hanging around and doing stuff all and expectin… more »


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Bit of a quiet day at the airfield today with a low turnout of members. The soaring weather report had predicted some weak thermals for early that afternoon and those there were eager to get flying. The Twin and Single were hauled out to 26L and circuit… more »

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