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Categories: student, motor falke, cross-country
I had rather an interesting day today at the airfield and also learnt quite a bit. The day started off very overcast with low blanket stratus clouds at around 3000 ft AGL, very light isolated drizzle and a light south westerly. The CFI was eager on… more »


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What a day!!! I was determined to fly this Sunday and arranged, at short notice, during the week for a new aerial to be made for the winch so that I could at least be winched launched. The weather was slightly overcast when I arrived early at the airf… more »


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Categories: thermaling & soaring, solo, motor falke
I arrived early at the airfield (as usual), but this time with a mission. I hadn't flown the Falke in a good while and I wanted to get some practice in. I was warned before hand that the tail wheel had a puncture so I came prepared with all the right kit… more »


It's been a long while since my flying has given me a sleepless night, but tonight has been one. I'm not really sure why, but sometimes you play things over and over in your head to try and understand and well, here I am, typing away well before sunrise.… more »

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