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Welcome to my Gliding Blog

Unfortunately due to time constraints, I am no longer able to update this blog.

This blog is dedicated to sharing my experiences in learning to fly a glider at the FAUH airfield (Uitenhage, South Africa).

My Gliding Blog

What you will find on this website:

  • A diary of my flying experiences, first as a student pilot learning to fly and now as a rookie trying to soar.
  • Books on gliding and soaring.
  • Amazing photos to download for your PC's desktop.
  • Jokes, funny quotes, comics and amusing pictures.
  • Information on my home airfield and gliding club.

Within the blog's pages you'll find:

  • Details on each of my flights.
  • Lessons learnt during each flight.
  • My impressions and feelings of the day's events.
  • The costs involved in learning to glide.
  • Information on each day's wind and weather.
  • Other milestones and events in my quest to fly.

The story starts when you click here.

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News on changes and improvements to this website.

This is a list of updates and changes to this website and NOT new blog entries. The blog entries can be found by clicking on the links at the top of the page: My Flying, Downloads, Books, etc.

28/12/2009 : A fresh new look for my flying blog.

28/02/2009 : Added to the downloads area, a Special Use Airspace file for the Port Elizabeth/Uitenhage Eastern Cape areas of South Africa.

07/01/2007 : New year, new look. Updated the blogging software and gave the website a new look.

05/08/2006 : Added pictures to the text. To brighten up the reading a little, I have include many pictures and photos to go along with my interesting naratives.

23/06/2006 : Added the humour section with a funny selection of jokes, quotes, comics and pictures.

11/06/2006 : Added more categories to the my flying section thus helping to better organise the blog, and now also making it easier to find information.

25/04/2006 : Added the books section which contains a great selection of books on gliding.

16/04/2006 : Added the downloads section containing an impressive variety free wallpaper photos.

02/04/2006 : Added the photos section to share my flying experiences in full colour.

12/03/2006 : A blog is born.

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