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The weather started off looking iffy, but promising.I'm still working on my backseat rating in the Twin and decided to go up with an instructor where we had a lowish simulated cable break (no surprise really) and I landed ahead, very well.In the mean… more »


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Today our club hosted a very successful glider display at a local shopping mall.Most of the club's members pitched in very nicely to give a hand and the display went off with a hitch. On display was a Salto aerobatic glider, mainly because it's in a… more »


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Today was a good day for my solo cross country in the motor glider, and after some planning I set off on a short trip to a nearby airfield on the coast. The weather report was good, but the wind at about 6000 ft was predicted to be 30 to 40 knots. No… more »


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A much better turn out at the airfield, but unfortunately no thermal lift. A little later in the day the Southerly picks up and the ridge starts to work, a little. I go up for my check ride. We spend 20 minutes floating around the ridge and then head bac… more »