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The day started off feeling promising, and it was. I had seven training flights covering just about everything: stalls, incipient spins, steep turns, flapped approaches, no flapped approaches, crabbing approaches, side slips, cable breaks, cross wind… more »


A day rather to forget. Yet another calm almost windless Sunday morning, ideal to be set loose alone in the skies, but no. The winch driver doesn’t pitch, so to keep things moving I volunteer to take the first stint of winch duty. The first two… more »


Not the band, but the k@k going on in my head. It was a wonderfully sunny day, calm wind and some weak thermal activity. I had four amazing flights where I did everything required of me, but at the end of the day I heard those freaking dreaded words AGAI… more »


Four launches from 26L with two flights each from two different instructors. The first was with the very hands-on instructor, not a style I enjoy. During the first launch there was a loud bang at 400ft as the launch suddenly lost momentum and the back re… more »

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