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I fly to soar


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FansAs it turns out I'm developing a small following of people who actually take the time to read my quickly bashed together sentences and oddly placed words. So to all my fans out there I say greetings and salutations and so on and so forth blah blah. I admit that have been a little slack in keeping this website up to date regularly, but I'm afraid it's that horrible four letter word that has been getting in the way, w-o-r-k.

Quiet day at the airfield with few members, but as it turns out, one of my best flying days yet. I'm first in the air and almost immediately after releasing at about 800 feet, I feel turbulent air around me. With little input from the instructor I start to thermal. At one stage we were climbing at 2.5m/s and I managed 2100 feet before the lift started to disappear. (This is wow for Uitenhage ok!)

I managed to keep it in the 1500 feet range for a long time and at 1200 feet the instructor makes noises about starting the circuit. I can't say I was very happy as I was willing to fight it out to 800 feet. So it's a long circuit and a beaut of a landing and I smiling all over. Simple splendid I'd say old chap.

The lift had disappeared for the day and the next flight was just a circuit. There were still a few bubbles at the end of 16L, but I wasn't permitted to explore. Another great planned circuit and landing.

This lack of not being able to fly solo is starting to make me feel very frustrated. Problem is I'm not quite sure what more they want from me. I've had like 130 launches and I'm already solo on the motor Falke. Oh well, perhaps next time. 132,00ZAR well spent.