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What it's all about


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This morning I was up there all alone in the Falke on a beautiful calm sunny winter's morning doing a long circuit (waiting for all the traffic to clear) and I had a moment to take a breath, study the country side and enjoy the experience and I thought to myself: "damn, this is what it's all about." It's moments like that that make all the frustration and other problems associated with club glider tuition all worthwhile.

A visiting RVA year and a half of driving every weekend to the club, often not to fly, and today I was doing my 4th and 5th solo flights in the Falke. Dang, it is good!

The wind was breathless and 08L was the runway in use. A nice flight with instructor F(2) practicing some banked power on and power off stalls, three circuits and then two solo circuits. 45 minutes later = 197ZAR.