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The light varying SW wind was changing between cross from the left and a 30° tail wind. I hopped aboard for my first aerotow as PIC; that on a downhill dust strip with a slight tail wind. I was doing well at the controls keeping the plane more or less st… more »


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We arrived yesterday in Nieu Bethesda after a four hour drive; an hour of which was on reasonably good gravel roads. Our accommodation is in a small, but nice, rondawel situated on a local sheep farm that is about 15 minutes drive from the farm's airfiel… more »


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Almost Christmas and just 6 days to go before our departure for the flying camp in the Karoo. :D more »


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Two in the box, ready to go, we be fast and they be slow... Today was set aside to derig the Twin and Single in preparation for the club's camp at New Bethesda during the last week of December this year. New Bethesda is a teeny weenie town about 10… more »


Four launches from 26L with two flights each from two different instructors. The first was with the very hands-on instructor, not a style I enjoy. During the first launch there was a loud bang at 400ft as the launch suddenly lost momentum and the back re… more »


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Not much to report today. Not many people arrived at the club, but fortunately the duty crew did; well the important ones. By the time all was ready the wind had picked up to 25 km/h and was gusting 35.Two nice launches from 26L to 1000 feet, 5 minut… more »