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Back HomeFirst day of instruction for the New Year. Arrived all eager at the field at 10:00 am. A few members were hanging around in the main hangar. Weather overcast with strong wind. No flying. Hung around for about 1½ hours and then headed for home.


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Merry ChristmasAs the training is supplied by a club, which in other words is operated as a hobby, no flight training is available over the Christmas break.

No instruction given: 18 December 2005 to 15 January 2006.


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After taking a back seat flight some time in November, I decided it was time for a proper front seat introductory flight.

Two introductory flights with flight instructor F(1) in the Grob Twin Astir. Zero lift conditions so flights limited to winch release altitude of about a 1000ft, two or three turns and a left-hand traffic pattern to land on runway 26L. Total flying time for both flights is 9 minutes (Cost = 86,20ZAR).

How do I rate it? Awesome! Just those negative G’s when the winch rope is released make me feel not so lekker.

Click here for some photos.


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This is a blog of my flying experiences in learning to fly a glider.

Slip indicatorIn most cases I'll try to keep the information presented here short and concise, without going into too much detail. The reason being that otherwise my story could become long and drawn out and I would like to reduce the yawn factor as much as possible.

How did this all get started?

I have always had a huge interest in aircraft and flying and after a long debate with myself regarding the financial effects of flying and learning to fly, I decided to contact my local gliding club for a introductory flight.

Click here for some photos.

I have also included the cost element for those interested.

And so it began.

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