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Motor Falke Cross Country Flight


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Some photos of my dual cross-country flight in the club's Motor Falke motorglider. We flew from FAUH to Kareedouw, then to Paradise Beach where I landed. From there we followed the coast turning later inland and flying back to Uitenhage.

The small town of Patensie on route to Kareedouw.

Follow up:

Climbing and flying slowly into a 20 km/h headwind.

Kareedouw at last. We then headed SE and followed the river to the coast.

Approaching the highway and the road to Kareedouw/Humansdorp.

The small airstrip at Paradise Beach.

On the ground at Paradise Beach.

Following the coast back staying below 2000 ft.

Crossing the highway and still under the TMA, talking to ATC.

The road to Uitenhage. The airfield is visible in the distance just where the road starts going left.

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