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My first two hour ridge soar


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These photo's are hosted off site (international) and may be slow to view.

Some photos of my two hour soar along our short ridge a FAUH.

View of the left wing about 1 hour into the flight. The ridge is on my right and the Uitenhage Township is visible to the left.

Follow up:

A few minutes later again a view of the left wing, but this time of the ridge late in the afternoon.

Just proof that I am alone in the aeroplane.

Still high at 1100ft above airfield elevation. Shortly after this I was scrapping along at 700 to 800 feet.

You can also watch a short two minute piece of the flight. This little movie cost me about 150 feet. It starts off with the ridge to my right, I turn left, fly straight a little and then turn left again to follow the full ridge back and finally make a turn to the right. Did this many many times.
Click here to view the movie.

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