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In response to: Some photos taken in November 2005.

admin [Member]
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In response to: Paradise Beach

admin [Member]
A fan! Glad you enjoy the site. Sadly, time is not my friend, at present, and I'm not updating the site nearly often enough.

I have very little experience on the Dimona and have only flown in one a few times while I was under training for my GPL.

All I can say is beware of power on stalls, they are vicious!!! Tragically the one photographed on this website crashed with a sad loss of life due to what we suspect was a power on stall followed by a spin.

Enjoy your planes and visit her often. Also click on the advertising banners. :)
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In response to: Paradise Beach

Rudolf Pretorius [Visitor]
Hi, i also fly both Motorfalke(sf25c) and Dimona out of Potchefstroom and enjoyed your website immensely as I can absolutely relate to what your writing. I have almost 200 hours on the Falke but is just now converting to the Dimona in which I own a quarter share. Would love to hear your opinion on converting from Falke to Dimona as I find the Dimona very slippery and also very speed critical. One needs to fly very cleanly otherwise final etc in the Dimona easily becomes a mess.
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In response to: Some photos taken in November 2005.

Stu [Visitor]

A glider pilot from Western Australia and originally from Zimbabwe. Do you want to correspond.

Regards Stu
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In response to: Some flying in the club's Single Astir

People should read this.
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In response to: Dimona

Iain Adam [Visitor]
Airfield looks like one the Prescott Valley Gliding Club uses- 2hours north of Phoenix, Arizona. I flew there last year. I also flew at Portmoak, Scotland (Life member of the Scottish Gliding Union/Centre. I intend to fly at Narrogin Gliding Club in Western Australia where I have lived since 1988. Flown twice form the Beverley Gliding Club in WA. Its pretty good over here.
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